Amarula wanted to run a campaign for valentine’s day to market their drink as something to share with loved ones or significant other.





The main goal for me was to give Amarula a bit of an edge and create something unexpected to draw attention to their brand. There were three main ideas behind the designs. Each design draws on that unique idea as a focal point conceptually.

The first is the anti valentine’s day campaign, the concept behind it being a married couple who’s been together for a long time, a REALLY long time and they are looking at an old wedding photo each commenting on certain aspects of the picture. As each one circles and derides the other the one thing they have in common is their love for amarula which in turn rekindles their love for each other.

The second design was trying to give Amarula the aforementioned “edge” this was a more adult themed layout called amarula “after dark” suggestively placed shot glasses litter the layout suggesting that amarula can be consumed in whatever mood you’re in or whatever position you feel like.

Following the after dark theme again is this layout for a poster or magazine layout which reads “never premature”, the main message being it’s never too early or premature to enjoy a glass of Amarula but, this dual meaning lends itself to giving Amarula a more adult, sexual edge.

The final design is a more traditional take on valentine’s day but using the traditional idea of the elephant enjoying the marula fruit but this time with a partner by his side.