Passion Pusher is a magazine, lifestyle site that offers to help people live to their fullest potential and push their passion.





Passion Pusher’s purpose is to be a catalyst for people’s self-awareness on their journey of self-empowerment.

The client wanted a website whereby they could easily blog and update the content often. They also wanted a platform whereby various contributors could write up articles for them whenever they wanted. The site had to have a look and feel that evoked energy and inspiration.

I set about researching the best platform for the website and WordPress was found to be the best means to deliver the best user experience while also ticking the right boxes in terms of what the client needed from a backend / functionality point of view.

A theme called simplicity was chosen to be the main theme design for the website as it had the right amount of energetic feel with smooth fast transition between pages and it also looked good too.

The biggest challenge that had to be overcome was that wordpress was new to me and I had to learn how to use and manage it correctly. Through a lot of trial and error, I eventually overcame this hurdle and the website came together quite easily after that.

Through css and php the theme was customised to better suit the look and feel that passion pusher had established for their fledgling brand. Slowly the digital identity started to come together as the main brand started finding its own identity.

Purple was an ever present in the brand and I tried to incorporate it into the background in a very dark hue, it can be an over powering colour but used in the right manner it lent a regal quality to the site. Google fonts were used for the first time, these are fonts that don’t need to be embedded or installed on a user’s computer to be viewed correctly on a website.

The title and navigational font are in a bold, energetic style to stick with the look and feel the site. The body copy was kept more formal to maintain legibility because the font colour is very light which can make it more difficult to read.

Overall this site build was tremendously satisfying given the fact a new skill set was acquired.