Airtel Uganda wanted to improve their stores and make it a very important touch point between potential and existing subscribers.





The key objective was to create a user friendly experience as well as reduce the turnaround time for consumers thus reducing the length of queues and the frustration of waiting in line for assistance.

To achieve this objective, an in store application was designed whereby upon entering the store. Customers can input their requirements and the app will either help them then and there or at least get them started and the direct them to the relevant store area.

The main interface for the application was divided into three categories:

  • Self Care
  • Products and Services Area
  • More Information

The self care section allowed people to check and request statements while in store. They could begin the process of sim swapping by entering their old number and filling in the relevant forms electronically before seeing a consultant to finish the process. They could also request certain mobile settings such as receiving their PUK number or data connection settings for their phone.

The products and services area allowed people to check out the latest products on the market such as new handsets with the ability to demo the phone digitally or via demo videos showcasing the phone's latest features and design .

If the user wanted to get more information and DIY tips then they could select the More Information option. This section contained a variety of demo videos with helpful tips on phone maintenance as well as how to get the best from their device.

The application was an ambitious attempt to make waiting in line a little more digestible for today's digital orientated audience. Creating an experience that essentially allows them to " cut ahead " in a queue and prepare all the necessary information for a consultant to handle their request in a timely fashion making the whole process painless and efficient for the consumer, creating a good impression for the Airtel brand and its store.