Partnering with Ogilvy Kenya, Coca Cola Kenya wanted to create a multi brand toolkit for their representatives to take around the country.





This was an ambitious project in terms of scope as there were over 15 brands that had to have a toolkit.

The main challenge for these toolkits was to have a consistent look and feel but to also maintain brand individuality. This was achieved by using certain consistent elements throughout the toolkit but with small brand appropriate tweaks.

This also made it easier for the reps using the toolkit as the user experience and interfaces were consistent throughout. Once you knew and became comfortable with the interaction on one toolkit it was easy to transition to another without having to get used to another interface.

A main central interface was created where all the toolkits could be selected, this was necessary so that the rep could select whichever toolkit he wanted to demonstrate at any time and it was also intuitive to keep all the toolkits in one location to avoid unnecessary disc switching.

This caused a problem because the toolkits had to be optimised accordingly to run smoothly on different hardware as well as making everything fit in one disc. A subtle balance had to be struck between optimisation and quality, through many vigorous hardware tests a careful balance was eventually struck whereby the applications ran smoothly enough without too much of a reduction on image and video quality.

Overall the toolkits was an ambitious task but also, a successful one. By assessing the problems and tackling them head on in a logical manner no task was too big to overcome.