The SABC has radio broadcast facilities in Auckland Park Johannesburg. These are some of the largest and most sophisticated recording studios in the southern hemisphere.





I was asked to create an interactive creative workshop for their M4 Recording Studio, better known as Radio Active Production (RAP) Studio where radio ads are produced for commercial use.

The task was to create an application that ran in a specific order for the purposes of the workshop where the presenter could follow a set guideline during their session.

The presenter however, was able to through various keyboard commands, run specific videos ( during intervals or if a video needed to be replayed for the class. ) or skip ahead or go back to certain parts of the presentation if necessary.

The presentation had to not only include information about the subject matter but also sound bytes that could be played on command.

The biggest challenge was to create the import and save functionality for the purposes of doing live scripts and script reads. The presenter had to be able to type out a full script live during a workshop then save it, start another session and import the saved script during a different workshop.

Thankfully through some flash and php magic we were able to achieve this goal and we packaged the final workshop onto a CD so that it could be easily distributed amongst the people involved in the workshop.