Newly born shop fitting company Dreamstone Fabricators tasked me with creating their brand identity.





Dreamstone fabricators is a shop fitting business that decided it wanted to trade under a new name and thus a new look.

The logo is meant to have a royal feel to it. The idea of having the name Dreamstone often evokes images of lush gemstones and rich minerals like gold and diamonds. I wanted the brand to reflect that.

The typeface is done in a handwritten style, the idea being to act like a signature mark for the brand. It is their seal of quality and a promise to clients that they are receiving the best quality product. It is accentuated by a small glint to enhance the idea of a shiny gemstone or diamond because of the name.

Underneath the name there is a label to identify exactly what the company offers in terms of service so as to not to create confusion with a jewellery or precious stone distibutor. It needed to be clear exactly what services are on offer and what products the brand specialises in.

The colours are of a every neautral saturation so as to not overpower the main shape or frame of the logo. The typeface is done in a variation of royal blue and violet to give a feeling of trust and royalty, trust in the brand and the service that is provided, with the elegance and precision of royalty.