Access Kenya are an internet service provider that supplies a large part of Kenya. Every year they host the Concours D’Elegance event which is a vintage car show.





Every year vintage car enthusiasts come out to show off or admire one another’s collections. This microsite was created to enter the event as well gather more information.

It was decided to create a Flash microsite because the experience had to be unique visually and audibly for a user which at the time, couldn’t be achieved by HTML. The look and feel captures the vintage feel of the event with beautiful vintage cars revving their engines as the user navigates the site.

The interface is simple and info was divided into small bite sized chunks so they user could enjoy the experience without being inundated with information but, if they wanted to find out more such as the history of the event it was easy to get hold of and read.

User could also buy tickets online through the ticket girl that appeared on the site occasionally. She would take you through to the next step in that process which was done through html.

Overall the vintage experience was captured in the design and use of flash animation. Sound was also used it imbue the site with even further reminders of cars revving and screeching as sections are opened and closed. As close to being at the event without buying a ticket.