Giving a newly born brand life in the digital spectrum.





This job was a multi faceted one and the reason you will see it's name across web, print and broadcast. Dreamstone fabricators is a shop fitting business that decided it wanted to trade under a new name and thus a new look.

Apart of the rebranding process required giving the client a web presence. The main goal here was to create something functional and that made sense to ordinary people without intimidating them with too much fabrication jargon.

The site uses a lot of neutral tones like black and grey, the reason for this is that the site contains a lot of samples for the various natural stone options which would get lost against a lot of colour and bright tones.large images accompany each bitesize chunk of information and there is even a helpful popup that contains an explanation on a variety of topics.

The site is all about simplicity in its layout as well as navigation. It was a key goal to make it easy for people to navigate the site without having to go through too many pages of content.When it came to choosing a product people could easily see a rating for each product based on durability and it's economy as well what size cuts were available for the stone pieces.

Overall when compared to its competitors, Dreamstone stands alone in giving it's clients a simple ux whereby choosing the right product for their home is acheived without hassle.