FunKidz are a children’s home ware company that specialises in cots, cupboards and dressers. They wanted a flash web application that allowed parents to design their own room, save the design to their computer and share it on social media.





The application had many different aspects that had to be programmed, using a combination of actionscript and php the various functionalities were achieved.

The process starts with the user selecting a product; we had to create a dynamic menu for this as the number of items and its availability were subject to change.

The next step, the user can then change and add patterns to their selected product as well as change its colour. We achieved this effect by having rooms modelled in 3D software, the selected patterns were then loaded onto the three dimensional room and gave it the desired effect.

The final step once the user has finished building and decorating the room they can save and share their room. Using php the user could save the image to their desktop from there they can upload and share the image to their favourite social networking site.

The look and feel of the site was to appeal to kids and parents, Funkidz had animal mascots that appear on the patterns and designs as well as on the preloader.

The site had to be heavily animated in a cartoonish way in keeping with the design and also to keep the attention of the user.