Sony of South Africa were running a campaign called imaginationmadereal, the task was to create a microsite for the campaign where users could download wallpapers, music and enter a competition to win a trip to Europe.





The look and feel of the site fell under the brand guidelines as set out for the marketing campaign, the sony xmb ( cross media bar ) was recreated as well as the Sony background animations.

An aspect of the campaign was for users who had bought a Sony mp3 player to receive voucher codes that allowed them to download 10 free songs. The songs could be listened to and then added to their list from which there they can be downloaded.

A combination of html and flash was used to build the microsite mainly because the Sony xmb and background animations had to be done in Flash while other aspects of the website required html.

This was the first time I had used actionscript 3.0 for a microsite, this was a major challenge as the language was still new and errors were bound to happen, which they did.

Thankfully through perseverance and astute problem solving the site came together in the end as again a new skill set had been developed and added to my repertoire.

The major challenge was creating the voucher codes and the redeeming process. Through a lot of research and testing, the best possible solution was found to be a combination of actionscript 3.0, XML and PHP

Overall the microsite was great fun to build, a great learning experience and more than a few tricks of the trade were learnt during the build.